CEO Thomas Denk

Shareholder, state-examined Technician. Since 2007 entrepreneur in consulting business, CEO at deliberate GmbH. Long term experience with a focus on IT in the financial sector, automotive and utilities. Expertise in marketing / sales, project management, development, and leadership

CEO Jens Kammerer

Shareholders, Bachelor of Engineering before his appointment at 2b-green GmbH, he was responsible for business development at Cisco Systems with utilities/energy providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Previously, he was largely responsible for the strategic direction of Cisco Systems Europe in regards to the Smart Grid initiative in Europe. Jens Kammerer has 11 years of sales and partner management experience with staff management skills, before moving into business development.

Chief Strategist Jens Mueller (from 1.10.2012)

Shareholder, was responsible for the Strategic Partner Business as well as Cloud/Managed Service at Cisco Systems Germany up until 30.9.2012. Jens Müller has more than 20 years sales and leadership experience. He spent 161/2 years with the market leader Cisco, both in Enterprise and Service Provider Segment. He holds a Bachelor of Economics & Computer Science Degree from University of Applied Sciences, Berlin as well as a Global Executive Master of Business Administration Degree from Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business, North Carolina