Energy Management as a Service – EMaaS

With the product EMaaS we support companies that have so far postpone any major investments in active energy management solutions due to high costs in applications and staff. Our solution is build as a service from the cloud, commonly known as software as a service. Thus it is possible from the very first day to capture energy consumption in all relevant places and to summarize on dashboards. Detect any irregularities immediately and get informed by any threshold violation automatically. Secure, simple and fast.

The Solution:

With EMaaS you can make the relationship between energy consumption and use of transparent and therefore you are in a position to control intervene and save energy. Best of all, EMaaS is provided by cloud, based on the award-winning software from JouleX. Thus, the solution provides maximum benefits at a low cost. And EMaaS can be quickly used and largely without own resources.

Another special feature is the flexibility in terms of existing solutions or technologies. In the field of energy management, there are many different solutions and approaches. Through standardized interfaces you connect EMaaS and build a comprehensive system and complement already existing investments make sense.

Did you ever thought about a scalable energy management solution? You are responsible for several properties in different locations or even different countries? In general you need an aggregated view but in some cases a detailed view at device level is necessary? Then you should consider to have a closer look into EMaaS. Give us a call or sent us an email, we are happy to discuss with you your future in energy management.

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