Technology Partners

Togehter with our technology partners we develop individual solutions for our customers. The selection of the right technology is based on the very specific customer requirements, for eg. monitoring of energy usage for devices or software tools for detailed analyzing and visualizing of measurements. The selection as a Technology Partner in our ECOsystem is based on specific criterias, like innovation, technology leadership, Management and culture. We want to establish a longterm Partnerstrategy for you, our Customer, to offer a high degree on security and stability.

Joulex Logo

JouleX is a leading innovator in sustainable energy management for the enterprise. The JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) automatically monitors, analyzes and controls the energy consumed by all devices connected to the network--without agents, hardware meters or changes to your network or security. This provides enterprises unprecedented visibility and control over the consumption and utilization of energy throughout their distributed office environments, data centers and facilities management systems.