Vision & Mission


2b-green ist the only consulting firm that bridges the gap between enterprise companies, utilities and the environment in a sustainable way. We achieve this through the development of creative and dynamic models which causes a balanced win-win situation for all participants. On this, we pave the path for our customers to gain more sustainability. We are the pilot in the chaos of directives and energy efficiency measures. We not only talk about how it works, we show and we realize. 2b-green stands for dealing with resources in a responsible way and for optimization of production flow with a significant decrease of energy consumption.


2b-green provides strategies and methods for sustainable business, based on a careful use of existing and limited resources. Our customers obtain an important contribution to the future development of their business and the education of their employees.

We enable “energy-optimized” production of goods and service delivery. We strengthen customer loyalty through creative ideas for our clients - energy management par excellence.

2b-green is synonymous with satisfied customers and committed employees. The 2b-green is THE standard for customer-oriented consulting in the energy management market.